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Swamp Thing 02 (1) 1
James Mangold Suggests DCU's Swamp Thing Origin Will Be Changed From His Comic Appearance

Swamp Thing could be getting a new origin story in James Gunn's DCU

Jason Momoa as Aquaman 1
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Will Be Standalone, James Wan Reveals

The Aquaman sequel will be a standalone DC outing, reveals director James Wan.

Ezra and Ezra The Flash 1
The Flash's Total Projected Box Office More Disastrous Than If The Movie Had Been Scrapped

It looks like The Flash is going to struggle to surpass $300 million as its final box office gross, and that delivers a potentially huge loss.

Henry Cavill & David Corenswet as Superman 1
Henry Cavill & Superman Fans React to David Corenswet Casting in the DCU

David Corenswet will play the Man of Steel in Superman: Legacy, and Henry Cavill fans have had their say...

james-gunn-dcu 1
James Gunn Says He Braced Himself For Fan Backlash When Taking Over the DCU

Gunn is revamping the entire DCU franchise from top to bottom, and he knows it'll be hard to please everyone.

The Flash cameo 1
The Flash Director Reveals That Super Surprising Cameo Was Filmed in Person

The most surprising, super cameo in The Flash was filmed in person. So why does it look like wonky VFX?

Blue Beetle DCU 2023 1
Blue Beetle Director Confirms it Is Part of James Gunn's DCU and a Trilogy of Movies

According to Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto, the film will just be the start for the DC hero's big screen adventures.

Superman-Legacy-James-Gunn 1
James Gunn 'Blown Away' By Screen Tests for Leads in Superman: Legacy

Gunn is reportedly narrowing down his top choices for Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and had nothing but praise for all the auditions.

Son of Batman 1
The Flash Director Andy Muschietti Will Direct Batman Reboot the Brave and the Bold

James Gunn has chosen The Flash director Andy Muschietti to helm the Batman reboot for the DCU.

James Gunn DCU MCU 1
James Gunn Points At Major Difference Between the DCU and the MCU

DC Studios co-CEO and Marvel Studios director James Gunn sheds light on major differences between both franchises.

Andy Muschietti Breaks Silence on Criticized "Wonky" VFX on The Flash

The Flash director says it’s supposed to look that way when Barry is inside the Speed Force.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel 1
Man of Steel's 10th Anniversary Celebrated by Zack Snyder as The Flash Soft-Reboots The DCEU

Zack Synder made a quiet tribute to the 10th anniversary of his first DCEU movie.

The Flash-2 1
The Flash 2 Could Still Happen Depending on the Box Office

A sequel to The Flash with Ezra Miller is still on the table despite the DCU plans.

James Gunn DCU MCU 1
James Gunn Says Traditional Heroes and Fictional Cities Will Set DCU Apart From the MCU

James Gunn's DCU will be building its city on secret identies and traditional comic book heroes to set itself apart from the MCU.

Ezra Miller in The Flash-3 1
Ezra Miller Makes Controversial Appearance at The Flash Premiere, Praises Director Andy Muschietti

The Flash star Ezra Miller has made a rare appearance at the premiere of the DC movie.

James Gunn with the DCU 1
James Gunn Says ‘No Way’ to Using AI for the DCU’s Animated Projects

DC Studios co-CEO assures fans they won’t be using AI on key projects for the new DCU.

Ezra Miller in The Flash-2 1
Thanos Creator Celebrates The Flash for Doing Something Different from Marvel

Jim Starlin has seen The Flash and praises DC for doing something Marvel doesn’t.

Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Could Introduce Another Major DC Group of Characters

New rumors detail how Superman: Legacy Connects with some other important project from James Gunn's DCU.

Ezra Miller in The Flash-2 1
The Flash Being Called ‘One of the Best Superhero Movies Ever Made’ Left Studio ‘Bemused'

The studio has been left a little confused by the marketing campaign surrounding DC outing, The Flash.

Top choices for Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Screen Tests Happening Soon, Nicholas Hoult & David Corenswet Revealed as Favorites

David Corenswet, Nicholas Hoult, and more will soon face in-person screen tests for the role of Superman in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy.