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Horror of Dolores Roach 1
Exclusive: Justina Machado and Alejandro Hernandez on The Horror of Dolores Roach

Justina Machado and Alejandro Hernandez dive into their new dark comedy about a well-meaning masseuse caught in a trippy cannibalistic caper.

Insidious Red Demon 1
Insidious Spinoff, Thread: An Insidious Tale, Teased by Creator James Wan

The Insidious spinoff, Thread: An Insidious Tale, will take inspiration from The Conjuring to tell further stories.

Magic 8 Ball movie will be a horror-comedy 1
Magic 8 Ball Movie Is a Horror-Comedy From Cocaine Bear Writer

Mattel Films' Magic 8 Ball movie will be a horror-comedy that edges close to an R rating.

Masked killers are at the door through the peephole in The Purge 1
Best Blumhouse Horror Movies So Far, Ranked

Rising as an indie production company that enabled directors to freely expand their creative visions, Blumhouse has transformed the concept of horror.

Hellraiser 1
Hellraiser: The 11 Best Kills in the Horror Franchise, Ranked

Pain and pleasure are indivisible in Clive Barker’s iconic Hellraiser franchise. These are the most painful and iconic deaths in the series.

Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist 1
10 Horror Movies to Watch if You Love The Exorcist

Looking for something to watch after The Exorcist? Here are 10 films that will satiate your need for more tales of demonic possession.

Vampire's Kiss 1
The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movie Performances of All Time

Many horror movies get lost in the shuffle or were not appreciated at the time. Here are the 10 most underrated horror performances of all time.

The Hole in the Fence  1
Exclusive: The Hole in the Fence Director and Co-Writer on Their Mexican Tale of 'Monstrous Manipulation'

Joaquin del Paso and Lucy Pawlak spoke about their twisted tale of children at a questionable summer camp where evil lurks — in some form or another.

smile 2022 1
The 10 Best Horror Movie Trailers Of All Time, Ranked

Every horror movie needs a creepy trailer to reel in audiences. Here are the best ones ever released.

Best Scary Movies including Jacob's Ladder, Possession, and Evil Dead 1
The 10 Scariest Movies Ever Made, Ranked

There's a difference between "best" and "scariest," and while it's all subjective, we think these are the all-time best scary movies.

The Blackening  1
10 Black Horror Movies to Check Out if You Love The Blackening

If you enjoyed this summer's horror-comedy hit, then here are 10 more films to pair with The Blackening.

Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist 1
10 Sub-Genres of Horror and the Movies That Made Them Famous

While there are many sub-genres of horror, here are 10 of the best, along with the films that defined them.

Stephen Lang Don't Breathe 1
17 Horror Movies Where the Killer Is Just a Regular Person

There's nothing scarier than something that could happen in your neighborhood.

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in Only Lovers Left Alive 1
Best Horror Romance Movies of All Time, Ranked

It’s quite the challenge to successfully fuse polar opposite film genres, but when done effectively it can yield remarkable and terrific results.

Elisabeth Moss in Invisible Man 2020 1
Best Sci-fi Horror Movies of the 2020s

Science fiction and horror have proven to be a match made in heaven (or hell). Here's a look into the best sci-fi horror movies of the 2020s so far.

One Cut of the Dead 1
The 20 Most Underrated Japanese Horror Movies of All Time

Discover a treasure trove of terrifying J-horror films that deserve more recognition.

The Breach Horror movie 1
Lovecraftian Horror The Breach asks "Where Did The Bones Go?" with Exclusive New Clip

The Breach is based on a story by author Nick Cutter, whose debut novel Stephen King loved.

Hellraiser 1987 1
18 Horror Franchises With the Most Movies

One, two, Freddy doesn't have as many movies under his belt as Pinhead or Michael Myers. Three, four, neither of them takes the top spot anymore.

Best Horror Movies Releasing in July 2023 1
Best Horror Movies Releasing in July 2023

This July is jam-packed with exciting horror films for you to catch up on. Here are the best ones to start with.

The Thing 1
Scariest Body Horror Movies, Ranked

The body horror genre continues to be popular, but these are the scariest, grossest, and most important entries through the past four decades.