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The 25 Funniest Movies Ever Made

From the 1930s to the 2010s, this list spans dozens of decades throughout Hollywood history to compile the funniest movies ever made.

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Exclusive Clip from The Crusades Is Hot for Teacher

Dirty teen comedies continue their comeback in this exclusive clip from The Crusades.

Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron in National Lampoon’s Vacation 1
National Lampoon's Vacation Stars Discuss Original Ending

Over 40 years later, Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron discuss what happened and why it was changed.

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The 20 Best Sitcoms of the 90s, Ranked

Life was simpler in the 90s and television was at its peak. Here are the best sitcoms of the nostalgia-filled decade, ranked.

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10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Netflix is constantly acquiring a colorful and diverse film catalog, with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated and fan-favorite comedies being added.

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10 Hilarious Spy Comedies That Will Have You in Stitches

These hilarious comedies about inept spies come from a bygone era when parody films where all the rage.

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Millie Lies Low Review: A Stellar Satire Driven by Ana Scotney’s Commanding Performance

Millie Lies Low rises high, thanks to its brilliant star and great story about an anxiety-ridden, career-faking social media poster.

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Mad Heidi Review: A Cheesy Treat for Genre Fans

While not for everyone, Mad Heidi has enough gory action and cheesy jokes to be an entertaining action comedy.

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15 Comedy Movies With the Best Endings

Comedy movie endings can be a natural breaking point for the story. Some bring big laughs, while others take a sharp turn into serious territory.

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10 Comedies That Get Funnier as the Movie Progresses

These comedy films only get funnier and do not stop with their surprises.

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Exclusive: LaRoy Director on Fashioning a Neo-Noir Western Comedy Mash-Up

Shane Atkinson spoke to us about his violent and hilarious Western noir, Laroy, starring Steve Zahn, John Magaro, and Dylan Baker.

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Two Stoners Take in a Homeless Professor in Home Free Trailer

Based on a true story, Home Free will close LA's Dances With Films Festival.

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Drive-Away Dolls Trailer Teases Comedy Caper From Director Ethan Coen

Ethan Coen flies solo with the comedy crime caper Drive-Away Dolls, and the first trailer has now been released.

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10 of the Most Cringe Moments from '80s Comedies

It's time to bust out your style guide on what kind of behavior you shouldn’t be emulating with this top 10 list of cringe moments from ‘80s comedies.

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10 Classic TV Sitcoms That Have Aged Really Well

Sitcoms not only alleviate the audiences' anxieties about the world but also addresses them to varying degrees of success. 

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Netflix's King The Land: Why This Show Is A Must Watch For K-Drama Fans

In Netflix's King The Land, a quirky hotelier who works her way up the corporate ladder becomes entangled with the stoic heir of the entire resort.

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Best Comedy Movies on Max to Watch Right Now

The best comedy films streaming on HBO Max, now rebranded simply Max, are guaranteed to maximize your laughs.

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10 Hilarious Comedy Movies Starring Lesser-Known Actors

These films don't always have the big production and marketing budgets of say, a Judd Apatow comedy, but that doesn't mean they should be ignored.

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Exclusive: Bucky F*cking Dent Cinematographer Jeff Powers Talks Character Vulnerability Through Visuals

With classic baseball as a backdrop, Jeff Powers uses honest photography to explore the relationship between an estranged father and son.

Ana Gasteyer Reacts to NBC Canceling American Auto, Creator Reveals What Would've Happened in Season 3

American Auto was canceled after two seasons on NBC, and series star Ana Gasteyer is bidding farewell to her fellow cast and crew.