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Mission: Impossible 7 what to expect 1
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One Review: Blockbuster Action Overcomes Long Runtime

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) battles a powerful AI and its deadly agent (Esai Morales) in the 7th Mission: Impossible film.

Justina Machado in The Horror of Dolores Roach 1
The Horror of Dolores Roach Review: Savor This Deliciously Dark Cannibal Comedy

Trippy and offbeat, The Horror of Dolores Roach balances absurd comedy with a deep dive into the effects of trauma, desperation, and reinvention.

Crater release date 1
Crater Review: Removed Movie Proves Disney's Problem

Crater is an emotionally mature film about growing up and appreciating what you have, and is the kind of movie Disney may no longer see value in.

Tia Nomore in Earth Mama (2023) 1
Earth Mama Review: Empathetic Look at Complex Problems

The Sundance hit Earth Mama tells a grounded, thoughtful character study and marks a strong directorial debut for Savannah Leaf.

The Witcher Season Three Review 1
The Witcher Season 3 Volume 1 Review: An Epic Final Season for Henry Cavill's Geralt

Volume one of The Witcher's season three takes audiences back to the Continent for an epic farewell to Henry Cavill's Geralt.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken 1
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Review: A Clever Girl Power Message with Vivid Animation

Shy teen Ruby Gillman (Lana Condor) learns she's a kraken princess but just wants to attend the prom.

Confidential Informant movie with Mel Gibson 1
Confidential Informant Review: A Woeful Crime Thriller

A terminally ill cop (Dominic Purcell) wants to die in the line of duty to secure his family financially.

Ana Scotner in Millie Lies Low 1
Millie Lies Low Review: A Stellar Satire Driven by Ana Scotney’s Commanding Performance

Millie Lies Low rises high, thanks to its brilliant star and great story about an anxiety-ridden, career-faking social media poster.

Run Rabbit Run Netflix Movie 1
Run Rabbit Run Review: A Generic "Mother-Horror" Carried by Succession's Sarah Snook

Bolstered by Sarah Snook's powerhouse performance, Run Rabbit Run is a haunting yet cliched addition to the maternal horror sub-genre.

Mad Heidi cast 1
Mad Heidi Review: A Cheesy Treat for Genre Fans

While not for everyone, Mad Heidi has enough gory action and cheesy jokes to be an entertaining action comedy.

A scene from Nimona, featuring characters voiced by Chloe Grace Mortez and Riz Ahmed. 1
Nimona Review: A Brilliant and Timely Adaptation of the Award-Winning Graphic Novel

Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed) finds a shape-shifting ally (Chloë Grace Moretz ) to help clear his name in a futuristic medieval kingdom.

Richard Armitrage Man from Rome movie 1
The Man from Rome Review: A Thriller with Many Sins

The Man from Rome boasts a fantastic premise but the end result is full of far too many cinematic sins for even a holy confession to save.

Brian Cox and Kate Beckinsale in Prisoner's Daughter 1
Prisoner's Daughter Review: Kate Beckinsale Steals the Show in New Family Drama

Prisoner's Daughter does little in the way of innovation, but strong performances from the film's cast lead to an enjoyable drama.

Jason Statham and Silvester Stallone 1
The Expendables: The 10 Best Kills in the Franchise, Ranked

The Expendables franchise may not be perfect, but it's home to some awesome action movie kills, and here are the best.

Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story  1
Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story Review: One Remarkable Journey

Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story takes established and potentially new fans on a real-life journey to musical stardom against impossible odds.

Warrior Season Three 1
Warrior Season 3 Review: An Epic Return to an Underrated Marial Arts Series

Warrior returns with a vengeance. Continuing its compelling narrative season three proves why Warrior is an underrated TV show.

Idris Elba in the Apple series Hijack 1
Hijack Premiere Review: Idris Elba Soars in High Altitude Thriller

A business negotiator (Idris Elba) springs into action on a hijacked flight from Dubai to London in the new Apple TV+ series, Hijack.

And Just Like That cast 1
And Just Like That… Review: The Show Struggles Fitting into New Shoes

Season two is an improvement, but nothing that groundbreaking happens in Just Like That... after those beloved ellipses.

Love Gets a Room Cast 1
Love Gets a Room Review: An Incredibly Moving Film Set in the Heart of the Warsaw Ghetto

In the powerful Love Gets a Room, an acting troupe bravely continues on with a performance inside the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.

Stan Lee Doc 1
Stan Lee Review: A Cultural Icon in His Own Words

Stan Lee narrates his life story in a new Disney+ documentary from David Gelb.