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Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in Uncharted 1
10 Best Movies Like Uncharted to Watch Next

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg headlined the 2022 video game adaptation of Uncharted, dazzling moviegoers in the epic big-screen installment.

Transformers 1
The Strongest Transformers, Ranked

Autobots, Decepticons, Dinobots, and more. These are the strongest Transformers in the franchise, ranked.

Justin Long in Barbarian  1
Barbarian: Scariest Moments, Ranked

It was billed as one of the scariest films of the year and lived up to its reputation. These are the scariest moments from Barbarian.

ryan seacrest american idol 1
Every Show Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Ranked

From radio to television, Ryan Seacrest has worked for nearly 30 years as one of the industry's most celebrated hosts and broadcasting personalities.

The Comedian from The Watchmen falling out of window. 1
The Best Graphic Novel Adaptations

Graphic novels have given audiences some of the best book-to-screen movie adaptations, and these are the best.

Ghost Adventures 1
Scariest Episodes of Ghost Adventures, Ranked

The longest running ghost-focused paranormal TV show has had its fill of spooky interactions. Here are the scariest episodes from the show.

Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood 1
Every Indiana Jones Love Interest Ranked Worst to Best

Indy’s love life has been tumultuous throughout the Indiana Jones franchise. Let's rank all of his love interests.

Baywatch 1
The Original Cast of Baywatch: Where They Are Today

1989 marked the premiere of Baywatch, a show that turned into a global hit. Check out what its original cast is doing today.

blade-1998 1
Best Action B-Movies from the 90s That Are Better Than You Remember

90s action crowd-pleasers starring Nicolas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are worth a revisit as the summer season is upon us.

Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone 1
Best Movie Casts of the 70s, Ranked

The 1970s was a revolutionary time for cinema, and these are the most impressive movie casts of the decade, ranked.

brad-pitt-babylon 1
8 Brad Pitt Movies That Deserve More Credit

These Brad Pitt films certainly deserve more credit than what they received at the time of their initial release.

Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura 1
Every Jim Carrey Movie of the 1990s, Ranked

Aside from a few stints in the subsequent decade, these are the best and most famous movies of Jim Carrey's career.

Led-Zeppelin@2000x1500-1200x900 1
The 11 Greatest Uses of Led Zeppelin in Movies

The '70s biggest rock band has soundtracked a bevy of films ever since their heyday, bringing an energy seldom seen in cinema.

darkwing duck 1
10 Older Disney Animated TV Series That Will Make You Nostalgic

Disney animated series are like old friends, ready to welcome us back into their fantastical worlds if only we take a moment to remember.

Winona Ryder in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee 1
The Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations of Winona Ryder's Career

There may not be another actress in the history of Hollywood who has starred in more high-quality projects based on books.

Heartstopper 1
Heartstopper Cast and Character Guide

Here are the main characters of Heartstopper to remember before the new season is released.

A spider in Arachnophobia 1
10 Horror Movies That Exploit Real-Life Phobias

From snakes and spiders, to sharks and clowns, here are 10 films that have played off our real-life fears over the years.

Fan-art of David Corenswet as Superman 1
David Corenswet's 10 Biggest Films and Shows Prior to Superman: Legacy

David Corenswet will soon be flying into theaters as Kal-El in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy. Here's where you can see him before the new DC movie:

SaddestAHSDeaths 1
American Horror Story: The 10 Saddest Deaths in the TV Show, Ranked

From the loss of Ma Petite's innocence within the cabaret to Gino's tragic life journey, here are 10 of the saddest deaths in American Horror Story.

Burning 1
10 International Movies That Should Get More Attention from the West

International/foreign films have fought their way to a place in the big names of cinema. Here are some that need more of a push.