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Nicholas Hoult Transforms Into Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy Fan Art

While Nicholas Hoult didn't land the role of Superman, he's one of the rumored names in contention for Lex Luthor.

Fan-art of David Corenswet as Superman 1
David Corenswet's 10 Biggest Films and Shows Prior to Superman: Legacy

David Corenswet will soon be flying into theaters as Kal-El in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy. Here's where you can see him before the new DC movie:

Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1
10 Reasons Why Henry Cavill Was the Best Superman Ever

With the news that David Corenswet will take over the role in Superman: Legacy, here are 10 reasons why Henry Cavill is still the best Superman ever.

From left, Brandon Routh, Christopher Reeve, and Henry Cavill as three different Supermen 1
Superman Movies in Order: How To Watch Chronologically and By Release Date

The Man of Steel has had a prolific, and here are all of the Superman theatrical movies in order of release.

Rachel Brosnahan Mrs. Maisel 1
10 Reasons Why Rachel Brosnahan Will Make a Great Lois Lane

The much-awaited news of the DCU's future is taking shape. Now that we know our Superman, attention has turned to Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

David Corenswet in The Politician 1
David Corenswet: Get to Know Your New Superman with His Best Movies and TV Shows

Here are some of the renowned projects of our new Clark Kent, David Corenswet, that you should know.

David Corenswet The Politician 1
10 Reasons Why David Corenswet Will Make a Great Superman

It's a larger-than-life role that has the potential to turn actors into icons. Here's why David Corenswet has what it takes to play Superman.

A scene from Smallville 1
Every Live-Action Performance of Lois Lane, Ranked

Lois Lane is an essential character in any Superman adaptation, and here are the best live-action performances of the character, ranked.

Henry Cavill & David Corenswet as Superman 1
Henry Cavill & Superman Fans React to David Corenswet Casting in the DCU

David Corenswet will play the Man of Steel in Superman: Legacy, and Henry Cavill fans have had their say...

The Flash cameo 1
The Flash Director Reveals That Super Surprising Cameo Was Filmed in Person

The most surprising, super cameo in The Flash was filmed in person. So why does it look like wonky VFX?

Kevin Smith Still Hopes to See Nicolas Cage Get His Own Superman Movie

"There's a multiverse, man. Let's give Nic Cage a Superman movie," Kevin Smith says.

Superman Hammer 1
Superman: 10 Actors to Replace Henry Cavill in James Gunn's New DCU

James Gunn is working on a Superman movie with a new actor in the role instead of Henry Cavill, and these are the best picks for the Man of Steel.

Top choices for Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Screen Tests Happening Soon, Nicholas Hoult & David Corenswet Revealed as Favorites

David Corenswet, Nicholas Hoult, and more will soon face in-person screen tests for the role of Superman in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy.

Still from Justice League - Warworld 1
Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman Get Violent in R-Rated Justice League: Warworld Trailer

The Justice League: Warworld trailer finds Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman trapped on different worlds.

my-adventures-with-superman 1
My Adventures with Superman Trailer Teases Adult Swim DC Series, Premiere Date Revealed

The new trailer for My Adventures with Superman offers another look at the DC animated series and reveals when the show will debut.

Superman 1
Superman: What James Gunn and the DCU Have to Do Differently

James Gunn has the important job of crafting the DCU's next Superman. Here's what he needs to do differently from past versions.

Bruce Campbell Volunteers to Play Kingdom Come Superman 1
Bruce Campbell Is Still Up for Playing Superman in a Kingdom Come Movie

Bruce Campbell still wants to be considered for the role of an older Superman if a Kingdom Come movie ever gets made.

black superman ta nehisi coates dc 1
James Gunn Shares Update on Ta-Nehisi Coates' Superman Movie

Ta-Nehisi Coates has been working on a Superman movie that will be produced by J.J. Abrams.

Superman 1
Superman: Legacy Director James Gunn Discusses the Challenges of Rebooting the DC Icon

James Gunn reveals the challenges of rebooting a character as recognizable and popular as Superman.

Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Has Entered Early Production, James Gunn Reveals

The DCU Superman reboot is now in early production.