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The cast of Rebel Moon 1
Zack Snyder Teases Big Plans for Rebel Moon, Has Written a 450 Page Bible for the Saga

Zack Snyder is planning for Rebel Moon to expand into prequels, sequels, and TV shows on Netflix.

Hand of God movie on Netflix 1
Most Unique Movies to Watch on Netflix

Here are some movies that may help to relieve the boredom caused by Netflix's algorithmic cycle that endlessly perpetuates the same suggestions.

Liam Neeson in Narnia as Aslan 1
Greta Gerwig Will Direct Chronicles of Narnia Reboot Movies for Netflix

No word yet if Liam Neeson will reprise his role as the iconic Aslan.

One Piece live action series 1
Netflix's One Piece: Breaking Down the Title of Each Episode in the Anime Adaptation

The episode titles for Netflix's One Piece live-action series have been revealed. Here's a breakdown of each one to help you comprehend.

Easy A 1
Best Movies Under 2 Hours on Netflix for an Easy Watch, Ranked

If you're short on time, but itching to watch a movie, Netflix has an array of options that are under two hours.

Sylvia de Fanti on Netflix in Warrior Nun 1
Exclusive: Warrior Nun Star Sylvia De Fanti on Why Her Role Was Heaven Sent

Sylvia De Fanti dives into the Emmys FYC campaign and her daunting turn as Mother Superion in Netflix's Warrior Nun.

Warrior Nun-2 1
Warrior Nun Saved Website and Countdown to August Reveal Shared by Series Creator

Warrior Nun showrunner Simon Barry shared details on a new website for the canceled Netflix show, teasing new details coming next month.

Saddest Netflix Movies including Mariiage Story 1
Saddest Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Sad movies allow you to experience difficult emotions from a safe distance and release built-up pressure in a way that is satisfying.

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Best Movies Based on True Stories to Watch on Netflix

The truth will always come out, and that sometimes means on the big screen. Here are Netflix's best movies based on a true story to watch next.

Best Movies Netflix to Watch Right Now including Heat, The Departed, and Roma 1
The 25 Best Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now, Ranked

Netflix is constantly taking down and adding movies, but based on what's streaming, these are the 25 best movies you can watch right now.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: What the First-Look Photos Reveal About Netflix's Live-Action Remake

We finally have our first look at the highly-anticipated remake of the beloved animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Heartstopper 1
Heartstopper Takes Fans to Paris in the Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Charlie and Nick take their romance to the city of love in Heartstopper season two.

Comedy Movies on Netflix including Ted, Austin Powers, and Bruce Almighty 1
10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Netflix is constantly acquiring a colorful and diverse film catalog, with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated and fan-favorite comedies being added.

Netflix most-watched movies 1
The 15 Most-Watched Netflix Movies of All Time

Netflix creates endless hours of TV and movies a viewer can watch again and again, and these 15 were watched the most.

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Why This Black Mirror Episode Is the Sleeper Horror of the Summer

The second episode of the new Black Mirror season is a real shocker. The show has reached peak horror and will take your breath away.

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Nimona's Giant Approval Rating Sees Netflix Giving Disney Another Kick For Rejecting the Movie

Nimona has become a huge hit on Netflix with audiences and critics, and it could have all been Disney's.

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Black Mirror: How Netflix Reinvented the Series in Season 6

Yep, Black Mirror ain’t what it used to be, but it might have found its new voice in the streaming era with its Netflix version.

Best TV Series Leaving Netflix in July 2023 1
Best TV Series Leaving Netflix in July 2023

Many popular TV shows will be leaving the Netflix streaming platform in July. Learn about them before it's too late.

The Adam Project 1
Best Netflix Original Movie in Every Genre You Have to Watch Next

Deciding what to watch next on Netflix can be hard with so many great options in every genre. Here's our list.

Nimona Netflix adaptation 1
Exclusive: Chloë Grace Moretz and Riz Ahmed Fight Persecution in Nimona

Framed knight Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed) gains a shape-shifting ally in Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz).