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Neville Naidoo is a freelance writer for MovieWeb. He has worked as a ghostwriter and content writer, and has a background in legal practice.  

Justin Long in Barbarian  1
Barbarian: Scariest Moments, Ranked

It was billed as one of the scariest films of the year and lived up to its reputation. These are the scariest moments from Barbarian.

Sutherland in Evil Dead Rise 1
Evil Dead Rise Is the Scariest Movie of the Year So Far

With throwbacks to the past and a fresh take, there were many intense moments in Evil Dead Rise that made it the scariest movie of the year so far.

Gosling and McAdams - The Notebook 1
Every Couple in Nicholas Sparks Movie Adaptations, Ranked

His books are iconic among romance fans with the movies bringing the epic stories to a new audience. This is how the couples from them stack up.

Sex/Life Poster 1
Sex/Life Cast and Character Guide

Sex/Life has been canceled but there are still two raunchy seasons to watch on Netflix. Here's a cast and character guide for the titillating show.

Howard in Jurassic World 1
Bryce Dallas Howard’s 15 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Some know Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire from Jurassic World or Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man, but she's had plenty of other great performances too.

chicago med 1
Chicago Med Cast and Character Guide

Chicago Med was recently renewed for a ninth season, underscoring its popularity. Here's a cast and character guide for anyone looking to catch up.

Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1
10 Reasons Why Henry Cavill Was the Best Superman Ever

With the news that David Corenswet will take over the role in Superman: Legacy, here are 10 reasons why Henry Cavill is still the best Superman ever.

Rachel Brosnahan Mrs. Maisel 1
10 Reasons Why Rachel Brosnahan Will Make a Great Lois Lane

The much-awaited news of the DCU's future is taking shape. Now that we know our Superman, attention has turned to Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

David Corenswet The Politician 1
10 Reasons Why David Corenswet Will Make a Great Superman

It's a larger-than-life role that has the potential to turn actors into icons. Here's why David Corenswet has what it takes to play Superman.

Alyssa Sutherland in Evil Dead Rise 1
How Evil Dead Rise Is and Isn't Connected to Ash vs. the Evil Dead

While Evil Dead Rise may have seemed like a standalone film, there were enough hints to tie it into Ash vs. Evil Dead and the wider franchise too.

Bell and Culkin 1
Saw Theory: How Kevin from Home Alone Became Jigsaw

The similarities between Kevin from Home Alone and the Jigsaw killer are so striking, many fans wonder if this dark theory could really be true.

Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek 1
Best Leonard Nimoy Performances, Ranked

He may have been typecast by Star Trek fanatics around the world as Spock, but Leonard Nimoy's acting career has many other stellar performances too.

Flanery in Nefarious 1
Nefarious Ending, Explained

An interesting psychological horror, Nefarious has been met with split opinions among viewers. Here's our take on the film's contentious ending.

SISU movie 2023 1
Is SISU Based on a True Story?

The Lapland War during the end of World War II was an historical event. This begs the question of whether the events in SISU actually happened?

Miller in The Flash 1
Best Ezra Miller Performances, Ranked

Ezra Miller is an actor that's been mired in a string of controversies. However, there's also no denying their talent as these performances prove.

Ratajkowski in Welcome Home 1
Best Emily Ratajkowski Performances, Ranked

Not just a model and a sex symbol, Emily Ratajkowski has many great appearances as an actress too. These are her best performances.

Masterson on That '70s Show 1
Danny Masterson's Crimes and Arrest, Explained

As a successful actor, Danny Masterson once had the world at his feet. Now he's a disgraced convict facing up to 45 years in prison.

the pope's exorcist 1
The Pope’s Exorcist: 10 Reasons You Need to Watch This Russell Crowe-Led Horror Film

Fans of the genre know all too well how rare it is to find a great horror film these days. Here's why The Pope's Exorcist was one of them.

Cote de Pablo as Ziva David 1
Best Cote de Pablo Performances, Ranked

She's become an icon for her famous TV character and amassed a huge following as a result. These are Cote de Pablo's best performances ever.

Knock at the Cabin poster 1
Knock at the Cabin Cast and Character Guide

Knock at the Cabin has been another fantastic example of M. Night Shyamalan's ability to get the best out of his cast and the characters they play.

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