As one of the most well-known TV personalities, Ryan Seacrest has had his fair share of hosting responsibilities. From radio to some of television’s most popular programs, Seacrest has certainly made a name for himself. He’s worked in the business since the 1990s and has kept a successful momentum since then.

Seacrest’s breakout role in television hosting would be his 2002 gig with American Idol. He has worked for the popular singing program for all 21 seasons and plans to continue as its host along with other radio and television positions. Seacrest has nearly thirty years in the business, so it’s no wonder why he was also recently offered the position of Wheel of Fortune’snew host after the show’s previous host Pat Sajak announced he would be retiring.

Though taking on the position as Wheel of Fortune’s host is a multi-year deal for Seacrest, he will have to wait for the 42nd season after Sajak enjoys his last run on the long-standing show. With the retirement of Sajak being so monumental, as he has hosted the game show since 1981, Seacrest has made a statement about his thoughts on Sajak’s legacy and his upcoming work with Wheel of Fortune, saying in a statement, “I’m truly humbled to be stepping into the footsteps of the legendary Pat Sajak.”

10 Wild Animal Games

wild animal games
Woody Fraser Enterprises

Wild Animal Games was a '90s kid’s game show. It featured Seacrest as the host as children would compete in games based on the animal of the day. They would ride donkeys while playing polo or play a memory game called the Chimp Challenge where the losing side would be slimed by goo by the end of the show. The show lasted one season with 65 episodes.

9 Radical Outdoor Challenge

radical outdoor challenge

Seacrest began his game-show hosting for the 1990s kid’s adventure program Radical Outdoor Challenge. The show premiered on ESPN and featured young kids competing in challenges against each other at a camp in Georgia.

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8 Gladiators 2000

gladiators 2000
Four Point Entertainment 

One year after his game show hosting debut, Seacrest landed yet another gig hosting a kid's program. He acted as co-host on Gladiators 2000. The show was a spin-off of the popular adult version, American Gladiators.

7 Click

click game show
Merv Griffin Entertainment 

He also hosted the 1997 show, Click, where three teams consisting of teens would compete for cash by answering questions about the internet. The show lasted for two seasons until it went off-air.

6 Ultimate Revenge

ultimate revenge game show
Paramount Network

Ultimate Revenge was hosted by Seacrest between 2001 and 2003 before production stopped. The reality game show featured family and friends playing practical jokes on their loved ones.

5 New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

new years eve show
Ryan Seacrest Productions

In 2005, Seacrest began hosting the widely celebrated New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark. The two hosted the end-of-the-year holiday show until 2012 when Clark left hosting responsibilities solely to Seacrest. New Year's Rockin’ Eve is filmed right from Times Square every year and includes performances from singers, comedic commentary, and entertaining co-hosts. Seacrest is still the lead host of the show and is supposed to bring in 2024 with the ABC broadcast.

4 Live With Kelly and Ryan

live with kelly and ryan

Beginning in 2017, Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa on her morning talk show, Live With Kelly and Ryan. He took over Regis Philbin’s duties when he passed away. The show talks about daily news among a boisterous audience and hosts a prize wheel game. The game allows for a caller to answer a question from Ripa in hopes of winning a destination getaway. Seacrest’s last show with Kelly was this April, as he announced his retirement after filming for six seasons. The show is now hosted by Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos.

3 E! News

ryan seacrest

Seacrest signed a production and hosting contract with E! News in 2006. The television program premiered Keeping Up With the Kardashians just one year later and would see Seacrest as the producer of the highly acclaimed show. He produced multiple Kardashian spin-off series like Life of Kylie and Rob & Chyna.

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Seacrest also serves as the executive producer of the program Live From the Red Carpet. When he began his time with E! Entertainment, Seacrest was quickly given even more roles as the managing editor and lead anchor of E! News. The segment is now hosted by Justin Sylvester and Adrienne Bailon.

2 On Air With Ryan Seacrest

ryan secrest
Premiere Networks

In 2004, Seacrest made his long-awaited debut as the host of his own radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. The KIIS-FM station first aired during the day as a drive-time radio show and manifested into a 19-year success, as it is still airing. The show became syndicated in 2008, meaning Seacrest records his show in the morning, and it airs on multiple stations in the afternoon. The talk show airs for five hours and is full of today’s hit music. For those who enjoy his commentary and jam selection, as most do, you will be happy to find out that Seacrest had a contract revision in 2021 where his conditions are to be on air for the iHeartMedia show until at least 2025.

1 American Idol

american idor

Since the talent show’s inception in 2002, Seacrest has been the spirited, dedicated, and beloved host of American Idol. He had a co-host, Brian Dunkleman, during the first season, but soon took on the role as the only host for the remaining 20 seasons. The competition show features singers from all over the world. A set of judges first have auditions in select cities and then take contestants to center stage where Seacrest will kindly ask to “dim the lights, please,” as he reads who has made it to the next round and who has been voted off. American Idol is set to premiere its 22nd season in February 2024 and, despite his new position on Wheel of Fortune, Seacrest is expected to continue hosting the popular singing competition on ABC.

Seacrest has surely had a phenomenal run as a host on both radio and television. Not only has he continued to book some of the most popular gigs after nearly thirty years in the business, but he has also been able to make a name for himself and his ideas through his production company Ryan Seacrest Productions. And with his next stint as Wheel of Fortune's new host, there’s really no stopping where he can go in his career.