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The lights are low, a voice in the distance is whispering the sweetest sounding poetry in accompaniment of deep bass and jumping beats. It's mid-morning and the coffee pours. The sun peaks through clouds of lost hope and all that's left in the world is pen and paper. Life couldn't be better.

ryan seacrest american idol 1
Every Show Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Ranked

From radio to television, Ryan Seacrest has worked for nearly 30 years as one of the industry's most celebrated hosts and broadcasting personalities.

10 things i hate about you 1
10 Things I Hate About You Ending, Explained

After Kat finds out about the deal Patrick made to date her, will she ever forgive him?

Emma Stone in Easy A 1
Easy A Cast: Where They Are Today

When a small lie turns into a rumor told all around the school, Olive has to come up with a way to either own it, or deny it.

798A17EC-B8C8-4BAA-8B2F-BFDA33C4B051 1
Jennifer Lawrence's Take on Body-Shaming in the Industry

Despite being an Oscar winner and one of film’s highest paid actresses, Jennifer Lawrence faces harsh criticism on her body image.

swarm donald glover 1
Swarm: Best Moments in the Thriller Series

As mentally unhinged Dre avenges her sister’s death, there's no stopping her from killing anyone who disagrees with her favorite singer, Queen Ni'jah.

F4B67B31-DF65-4683-B079-5F959F6FFC05 1
Best Amanda Bynes Performances, Ranked

Though Amanda Bynes stepped away from acting in 2010, her early roles in comedy sketches created for her a successful career in film and television.

Morris Chestnut, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Ice Cube in Boyz n the Hood 1
10 Things You May Not Know About Boyz n the Hood

The cultural impact of Boyz n the Hood surpasses that of other gang-related films, and here are ten fun facts about the iconic film.

will ferrell anchorman 1
Will Ferrell’s 10 Highest-Grossing Movies

While he takes a feature and turns it into the focal point of the film, Will Ferrell ranks as one of the funniest actors in the industry.

Kaley Cuoco, Tom Bateman and Chris Messina in Based on a True Story 1
Based on a True Story: Best Moments of Season 1, Ranked

Based on a True Story will have you anticipating the truth from start to finish. Let’s look at some of the standout moments of Season 1.

That's So Raven 2 Spin-Off Happening with Raven-Symone 1
That's So Raven Funniest Moments, Ranked

That’s So Raven is full of supernatural gifts and laughable moments. Let’s look into the funniest moments of the series.

Diesel Walker Fast Furious 2001 Universal 1
The Fast and The Furious: 10 Facts You May Not Know About the Original Film

The Fast and the Furious exhibits thrilling and realistic street races that will have you on the edge of your seat. Let’s learn more about the film.

Along Came Polly 1
Along Came Polly Cast and Character Guide

Along Came Polly is humorous, intriguing, and full of laughable moments. Let’s take a look at the characters behind the charming wit.

black-widow-in-Black-Widow-Movie 1
Scarlett Johansson's MCU Legacy as Black Widow

After nine films as Marvel's Black Widow, Scarlett Johannson is retiring her superhero instincts. Let's take a look at her legacy.

Step Up channing tatum jenna dewanq 1
Step Up: How Every Movie Is Connected, Explained

With five franchise movies, Step Up represents rebellion, hope, and striving for your dreams. Let's take a look at how the films are related.

Shrek and Fiona 1
Shrek Franchise Cast and Character Guide

With trial and triumph, Shrek and Fiona are able to live happily ever after. Let’s take a look at who was a part of their journey.

The Santa Clause 2 with Tim Allen 1
The Santa Clause 2 Cast and Character Guide

The Santa Clause 2 is full of holiday surprises. Let’s take a look at the cast and characters behind the film.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall 1
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Cast: Where They Are Today

The cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall is loaded with all-star talent. Let's take a look at what's next for the actors.

Boy Meets World Cast Recreates Famous Photo from 25 Years Ago 1
Boy Meets World Cast and Character Guide

As an impactful '90s sitcom, Boy Meets World's relatability can be seen in its friendships, love, and familial bonds. Here is a character breakdown.

Billy Madison 1
Billy Madison Cast and Character Guide

Billy Madison is a comedy classic of the '90s. Let’s take a look at the cast and character breakdown.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) 1
The Silence of the Lambs: 10 Facts You May Not Know

Winning five Academy Awards, The Silence of the Lambs is one of the most rancid horror movies of our time. Here are 10 facts you may not know.

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