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Aspiring Writer, currently working on my own Horror script. Wanting share my love of film to the rest of the world.

Ghost Adventures 1
Scariest Episodes of Ghost Adventures, Ranked

The longest running ghost-focused paranormal TV show has had its fill of spooky interactions. Here are the scariest episodes from the show.

Jaws 1
Jaws: Why the Original Blockbuster is the Ultimate Summer Horror Film

Summer is in full swing, and it's time to revisit one of the best seasonal horror films of all time, Steven Spielberg's 1975 hit, Jaws.

Kurt Russell with a gun in Big Trouble in Little China movie 1
Action Movies from the '80s That Need a Sequel

Top Gun: Maverick proved that action movies from the 1980s could succeed with long-awaited sequels, and here are other films that could do the same.

Frenzy - Alfred Hitchcock 1
Best Thrillers of the 1970s, Ranked

The 1970s were a great, experimental era for movies and storytelling, and here are the best thriller films of the '70s, ranked.

Secret Invasion from Marvel 1
Secret Invasion: The Characters We Think Could Actually Be Skrulls

With the upcoming Secret Invasion TV series, fans are eager to find out which characters are secretly Skrulls. Here are some ideas.

tzfeatureresize 1
The Best Episodes of The Twilight Zone, Ranked

The Twilight Zone mixed horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and had many phenomenal episodes. Here are the best, ranked.

Dark Tower 1
The Dark Tower: What Will it Take For Hollywood to Get Stephen King's Series Right?

The 2017 adaptation of the Stephen King classic "The Dark Tower" bombed at the box offices. What will it take for Hollywood to get the series right?

interstellarfeatureresize 1
Interstellar: How it Was One of the Most Scientifically Accurate Sci-Fi Movies Ever

The idea of time dilation and wormholes was ahead of its time. Here's how Interstellar became one of the most scientifically accurate films.

notldfeatireresize 1
Why 1990's Night of the Living Dead is One of the Best Horror Remakes

One of the most-lauded zombie horror movies ever received a remake 22 years later that was just as good as the original. Here's why.

pgfeatureresize 1
Paper Girls Season One: The Best Moments, Ranked

With an eight-episode arsenal in its first season, Paper Girls covered some ground in the story. Here are the best moments from the first season.

legionfetureresize 1
Legion: The Best Episodes, Ranked.

Running for three seasons, the show received critical acclaim for its style and structure. Here are the best episodes of Legion, ranked.

alieninvasionfeatureresize 1
The Best Alien Invasion Films from the '40s and '50s, Ranked

With stories of evil aliens from other planets in spaceships taking over the world, here are the best alien invasion films from the '40s and '50s.

Tremors TV Show Is Still Happening Promises Kevin Bacon 1
Creature Features that Spawned Unnecessary Sequels

Sequel films are hard to do for directors, especially for creature features. Here are some creature feature films that did not need sequels.

The Mummy Teaser Starring Tom Cruise Arrives, Full Trailer Coming Sunday 1
Why Universal's Dark Universe Hasn't Gotten off the Ground

After only a few films, Universal's Dark Universe has ultimately yet to get off the ground. But why?

Ex Machina 1
The Best Uses of Social Commentary in Sci-Fi Films, Ranked

Cinema has always been a ground for spreading ideas and messages. Here are the best uses of social commentary in Sci-Fi films.

namorfeatureresize 1
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: Why the MCU Changed Namor’s Kingdom

For Wakanda Forever, Marvel Studios chose to switch up Namor's lore, making him the ruler of the underwater Aztec City of Talocan. But why is that?

explosionsfeatureresize 1
The Most Impressive Explosions in Action Movies, Ranked

Pyrotechnics and explosion visuals have grown and expanded in the history of films. Here are the most impressive explosions in action films, ranked.

Ozark 1
Ozark: The Final Season's Biggest Surprises

With high expectations from fans and critics heading into the finale of Ozark, here were the biggest surprises from its final season.

denzelfeatureresize 1
Denzel Washington's Best Law Enforcement Roles, Ranked

With such iconic films such as Training Day, Man on Fire, American Gangster, and more. Here are Denzel Washington's best Law Enforcement roles, ranked

godzilla-vs-kong 1
The Warner Bros. MonsterVerse Movies, Ranked

With four action-packed movies in their cinematic MonsterVerse, Warner Bros. has quietly built a solid shared franchise. Here's each film, ranked.

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