Showcasing a slower-paced, criminal espionage type of feel than other Marvel shows that were released on Disney+ as of late, Secret Invasion tells the tale of numerous federal agents such as Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross, who is a CIA operative, Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth, a high ranking MI6 agent and most importantly Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury as they uncover a massive undercover takeover of the human population by the vagrant but hostile Skrulls.

Promising them a new home years ago, the million refugees from this intergalactic planet have now instead found a dwelling for themselves here on Earth and are making threatening moves every day to assure their place in our social and political world. By the end of the first episode, we can see that they are willing to take this sudden seizure one step further when they successfully activate bombs in a crowded town center and kill thousands.

With the aforementioned characters now understanding the severity of the situation and coming to grips with the threat that is now on Earth, the second episode, which premiered on June 28, shows that Garik, the rebel leader, is working alongside a scientist couple named the Daltons.

While their purpose and motivations for working alongside Skrulls are still unclear, a clear camera shot from inside the makeshift laboratory hidden deep within the compound shows the makings of a much stronger and formidable type of Skrull on a computer screen.

Even though the audience can only see the specifics that detail this character’s attributes for a moment, this tease of an important antagonist is not only a central key figure in Marvel Comics but could be an exhilarating sight for all comic book fans on the small screen. With that being said, let’s dive right into how the MCU is revitalizing the villain known as the Super Skrull.

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A Refreshed Take On a Classic Marvel Villain

Super Skrull from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Unlike the overwhelming antagonist’s original version, where he absorbs and replicates individual powers from the members of The Fantastic Four, such as The Thing’s super strength, Mr. Fantastic’s stretched-out limbs, Human Torch’s flame abilities, and Invisible Woman’s psionic abilities, it seems as he will be getting his new set of copied superhuman abilities from numerous other different sources for his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even though the Super Skrull’s iconic and most widely known skill set has followed him from Fantastic Four #18, which was released in September 1963, to present times (one of the alien’s more recent appearances has him racing to collect the Infinity Stones before Doctor Strange can in order to remedy the weakened Skrull empire), a scene in the third act of the latest episode of Secret Invasion suggests that the chemical compound mixture which will catalyze the alien being now contains a different assortment of DNA.

These altering sequences are from none other than Guardian of the Galaxy’s Groot, a Frost Beast from Jotunheim, which is a planet relating to the Thor franchise, and Cull Obsidian, who was Thanos’ most powerful adopted son. However, the most threatening of all is a nano-technological serum called Extremis which was highlighted in both Iron Man 3 and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings that gives the user the ability to heal much faster, attack much stronger, and regrow damaged limbs.

Surprising Names Replacing The Fantastic Four?

Nick Fury with Cull Obsidian and Groot
Marvel Studios

Groot’s innate ability to stretch his tree-like appendages is quite similar to that of Mr. Fantastic, who can manipulate his arms and legs to grow to extreme lengths, so there is no stark contrast in that regard. Still, one of the notable differences will come with the Frost Beast, who looks to be replacing Johnny Storm, given the natural element trade-off (ice for fire).

In hindsight, this could be a very good choice considering the entertaining and chilling visuals for the audience, and well, instantaneous flames could very well be an instant end for the Shield organization and all of its allies.

Replacing The Thing and all of his impenetrable strength obviously comes from Thanos’ own spawn, Cull Obsidian. Considering this overwhelming brute gave a tit-for-tat showdown with Iron Man’s Hulkbuster in Avengers: Infinity War and fought off both Drax and Iron Man himself for a short while in Avengers: Endgame, that is enough raw power there for a small army, never mind a single Skrull.

A Skrull With Endless Rage and Invulnerability

A Skrull and Aldrich Killian side by side
Marvel Studios

Last but not least, a technological and deadly chemical concoction rounds off this shortlist. Named Extremis, this single item (according to Marvel Studio's storytellers at least) is comparable to Invisible Woman, who was originally exposed to a cosmic storm.

Besides having the powers of her name, she can emit a powerful force field when need be, wield psychic energy, and according to Doctor Doom, she has enough inner energy to even fight a planetary-sized celestial.

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Even though Extremis has been shown to give a flame-like exterior appearance to its user as it did for Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3, this biochemical hijacker rewrites people’s genes, making them invulnerable against most kinds of attacks. That is, if they can survive the drug rush and not explode.

With these unique and very powerful personalities at his disposal, the comic book audience will be in awe and shock when Garik ultimately becomes the Super Skrull later on in the Secret Invasion Disney+ series. The third episode releases today, July 5, and we are one step closer to having another familiar face in the MCU . . . even if it is an unstoppable villain.