Secret Invasion (2023)

Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls who have infiltrated the highest spheres of the Marvel Universe.

Secret Invasion
Release Date:
June 21, 2023
Main Genre:
Disney+, Marvel Studios
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Nick Fury standing in front of Super Skrull 1
MCU’s Secret Invasion: Is a Major Fantastic Four Villain About to Be Revealed?

In just the second episode of Secret Invasion on Disney+, a major game-changing villain is seemingly teased. Let's talk about who that is.

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Secret Invasion: Why [SPOILER]'s Death Was a Good Thing

The death of a long-time MCU name actually benefits Secret Invasion, raising the stakes of the Disney+ series.

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Secret Invasion: Best Theories After the Debut Episode

Secret Invasion is finally here, and it has given us a lot to think about. Here's our theories after the debut episode.

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Secret Invasion Premiere Has One of The Worst MCU Viewer Numbers

Secret Invasion was expected to be Marvel's next big Disney+ TV series, but the show has pulled the second lowest viewership of the franchise.

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Secret Invasion: Every '70s Thriller That Inspired the MCU's Latest Series

These are the '70s thrillers that inspired Secret Invasion.

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Secret Invasion: What to Watch Before Starting the New Marvel Series

Secret Invasion is now available on Disney+, with an episode already released. If you haven't seen these essential movies yet, now is the time.

Secret Invasion What to Expect 1
Secret Invasion Star Responds to Fans' Backlash Over Character's Demise

Secret Invasion star addresses fans' backlash over character's death, following the premiere of the first episode on Disney+.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion 1
Samuel L. Jackson Has Been Worrying About AI for a Long Time

Secret Invasion star Samuel L. Jackson addresses the use of AI in the movie industry.

AI Art 1
Secret Invasion: Why Using AI Art in the Opening Sequence Fits the Show's Theme

Secret Invasion has stirred some controversy over its use of AI art in its opening sequence. Here's why it's a thematically appropriate choice.

Marvel Comics Skrull 1
Secret Invasion: How Does the Series Compare to the Comic?

Marvel's Secret Invasion has premiered on Disney+, here is how the series compares to the 2008 comic storyline.

Emilia Clarke's role in Secret Invasion 1
Emilia Clarke Found It 'Easier' Hiding Spoilers for Marvel's Secret Invasion Than Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke said it's "so much easier" to hide spoilers for Marvel Secret Invasion than it was for Game of Thrones.

secret invasion samuel l jackson 1
Secret Invasion: Why You Won’t See The Avengers in the Series

The Avengers were created to protect the world, but now Nick Fury has to do it all alone in Secret Invasion. Here's why.

secret invasion AI credits 1
Secret Invasion Opening Credits Sequence Gets Huge Wave of Backlash Over Use of AI Art

Secret Invasion utilized AI to create its opening credits sequence, but it was done for a very specific reason.

Secret Invasion 1
Secret Invasion Director Was Told to Not Read The Comics

Ali Selim was instructed to go into Secret Invasion with only the script and no other knowledge of the Marvel Comics story arc.

Skrulls-MCU Phase 5 villains 1
Secret Invasion: Where Will We See the Skrulls Next?

The Skrulls could keep popping up in the MCU long after Secret Invasion, and here are a few potential places they could appear next.

Secret Invasion 1
Secret Invasion: Why This Phase 3 Marvel Movie Is Essential to Better Understand the Series

Secret Invasion's premiere is just a day away, and here's a must-watch Marvel film featuring the origin of the Skrulls.

Secret Invasion Nick Fury 1
Marvel’s Secret Invasion: The Website, Explained

If you're wondering what is up with the Secret Invasion website, here's all the information you need.

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion 1
Samuel L. Jackson Reveals a Potential Spoiler for Secret Invasion’s Big Twist

Samuel L. Jackson drops a potential spoiler for Secret Invasion that hints at a major twist in the storyline.

SEC_160194779-4c81 1
What's Up With the Secret Invasion Rotten Tomatoes Scores?

The Secret Invasion Rotten Tomatoes scores are out, with lower-than-expected results. Do the scores indicate the series will be a flop?

Secret Invasion cast 1
Secret Invasion's Secret Website Has Fans Thinking This Actor Is a Skrull

An MCU fan theory got some extra backing from Marvel's Secret Invasion sneak peek website.