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Writing many one-page short stories when he was a child that have now been lost to time, Salvatore Cento then ultimately honed his craft as a student at the College of Staten Island where he created many articles for the school's official newspaper, The Banner. As much as he finds value in writing about the latest and greatest trends that are buzzing throughout the entertainment world, his true passion is leading the reader to new movies and shows that they have never seen before. 

Nick Fury standing in front of Super Skrull 1
MCU’s Secret Invasion: Is a Major Fantastic Four Villain About to Be Revealed?

In just the second episode of Secret Invasion on Disney+, a major game-changing villain is seemingly teased. Let's talk about who that is.

James Gunn and David Corenswet 1
Superman: Legacy: Breaking Down Every Obscure Villain That Could Appear

With many different villains to choose from that have not yet made their big screen debut, such as Lobo or Gog, Superman: Legacy is very promising.

Kraven The Hunter and Morbius standing behind Venom 1
Sony's Kraven the Hunter: How a Venom Crossover Can Remove the Aftertaste of Morbius

In anticipation of yet another Spider-Man villain hitting the big screen, Sony has to make sure that this antagonist is accepted by audiences.

Bruce Willis as James Knight talking to a criminal 1
Bruce Willis' Detective Knight Trilogy: Why These Action Movies Are Worth The Watch

The Detective Knight trilogy is one of Bruce Willis' film credits before his retirement, and here is why they are worth watching.

Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah 1
Netflix's King The Land: Why This Show Is A Must Watch For K-Drama Fans

In Netflix's King The Land, a quirky hotelier who works her way up the corporate ladder becomes entangled with the stoic heir of the entire resort.

Marty, Ted and Mariana in Bucky F_cking Dent 1
Exclusive: Bucky F*cking Dent Cinematographer Jeff Powers Talks Character Vulnerability Through Visuals

With classic baseball as a backdrop, Jeff Powers uses honest photography to explore the relationship between an estranged father and son.

Disassembly Drones with a pile of corpses 1
Murder Drones: How This Post-Apocalyptic Series Revolutionized YouTube

In Glitch Production's Murder Drones, robots stranded on an exoplanet live peacefully until they are all threatened by terrifying winged killers.

Karishma Tanna as Jagruti Pathak  1
Netflix's Scoop: Why You Should Watch This Underrated Indian Crime Drama

In Netflix's Scoop, a female news reporter fights for her career and her family's reputation when she is imprisoned under false charges.

Super Mario Bros and F-Zero 1
Move Over Zelda, Nintendo Needs an F-Zero Adaptation

With The Super Mario Bros Movie being a huge success, an underrated futuristic racing game may be Nintendo's next best bet to bring to the big screen.

A menacing Molecule Man 1
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2: Molecule Man, Explained

In the upcoming season of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, The Molecule Man will make his debut. Let's dive into what this villain is all about.

Hailey Banks and Scott Denoga  1
Exclusive: Hailey’s On It Creators Discuss Ordinary Characters with Extraordinary Circumstances

With their new show Hailey's On It! right around the corner, Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton talk about the value of character growth and inspirations.

Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus  1
Milli Vanilli: Why You Don't Want to Miss Out on This 2023 Tribeca Festival Documentary

Premiering at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, a documentary about Milli Vanilli honors the group's legacy by spotlighting sincerity and the truth.

Malibu With a Collage of Screenshots  1
The American Gladiators Documentary: Why ESPN's Take on this 90's Show Is a Must Watch

Streaming on ESPN+, The American Gladiator Documentary is a captivating journey you do not want to miss out on.

John Wick and Mortal Kombat logo 1
Could John Wick Make a Cameo Appearance in WB’s Upcoming Mortal Kombat Sequel?

Wielding melee skills and powerful weaponry, John Wick could be a perfect first choice if guest fighters are included in the Mortal Kombat sequel.

Turn of the Tide poster 1
Netflix's Turn of the Tide: Why You Should Watch This Portuguese Drug-Fueled Action Series

In Netflix's Turn of the Tide, the lives of four friends are suddenly turned upside down when washed up narcotics suddenly wash up on shore.

James Gunn With Joker  1
How Can the Joker Be Introduced in the First Chapter of James Gunn's DCU?

Even within just the first chapter of James Gunn's DCU, there is plenty of room for The Joker to cause chaos.

Merpeople Movie 1
Netflix's MerPeople: Why Audiences Are Diving Into This Fantastical Docuseries

In Netflix's MerPeople, viewers are let into the welcoming world of mermaiding, where performers and enthusiasts find happiness underwater.

Flamin Hot release date 1
Hulu’s Flamin’ Hot Trailer Breakdown: How a Janitor Invented the Iconic Cheeto Flavor

In Hulu's Flamin' Hot, Jesse Garcia plays Richard Montanez, a Frito-Lay janitor who rose to corporate stardom by introducing a famous snack.

Officer Rimel 1
Netflix’s Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune: Why This Anime Is a Must Watch for Sci-Fi Fans

In Netflix's Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune, a group of five soldiers have to prove themselves in a hard-hitting and gruesome intergalactic war.

Mike Tyson Medellin 1
Prime Video’s Medellin Trailer Breakdown: Mike Tyson Stars in This Explosive French Action Comedy

In Prime Video's Medellin, the brother of a kidnapped internet celebrity forges an alliance with a boxing champion in order to save his relative.

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