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Mountain Goats

This sitcom first came to province in 2014 when it was showcased as part of BBC Comedy Playhouse. It's original title was Miller's Mountain but has subsequently changed to Mountain Goats ...

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - Mountain Goats
"Jimmy has managed to burn down his house down and needs a new home. Conor\u2019s mother is not happy that Conor become friends with Jimmy\u2019s band of rescue hands."
"Jimmy has lied about the team\u2019s fitness reports and the Mountain Rescue chief is insisting they are put through their paces. They have to face an assault course called \u2018the Executioner\u2019."
"Jimmy manages to lose Bill\u2019s favourite dog, Tom Jones and the team go on a mountain rescue for one of their own. Jules is feeling stressed about her gourmet night."
"Jimmy manages to accidentally become famous, which brings sees a campaign of freeloading which annoys Jules no end."
"Jimmy falls madly in love with a fiery woman and ends up moving too fast."
"The rescue is put in jeopardy by a fraudulent insurance claim. Jimmy must clear his name."