Ozzy & Jack's World Detour

the self-proclaimed history nerds hit the road on a father-son journey they've waited years to take.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Jack Osbourne

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Ozzy & Jack's World Detour
"Ozzy and Jack trek to Jamestown, Va., taking a few detours along the way; while Jack intends to find out whether any Osbournes were among the first American colonists, Ozzy obsesses over the idea that early settlers resorted to cannibalism"
"In San Antonio, Ozzy and Jack head to the Alamo to redress a shameful incident that occurred there in 1982; the guys visit NASA's Johnson Space Center, where they test drive the Mars Rover, and they stop at the Museum of Funeral History"
"While on a road trip to Mount Rushmore, Jack and Ozzy engage in a quick-draw shootout, pan for gold, visit Wild Bill Hickok's grave in Deadwood, S.D., go inside a Minuteman nuclear missile site, and come face to face with Crazy Horse"
"Ozzy and Jack pack up a camper and travel to Roswell, N.M.; while Jack is a true UFO believer, Ozzy is a skeptic; while in New Mexico, they vist the Petroglyphs National Monument, the UFO Museum and the famous Roswell crash site."
"Jack has a big surprise in store for his father's birthday and pulls a lot of strings to put together the perfect trip for him; the trip includes medical oddities, a penitentiary, a voyage 220-feet underground, and a relic from Ozzy's past."
"Ozzy and Jack head to the United Kingdom; Ozzy seeks to get his hands on Alan Turing's Nazi code breaking machine; Jack tries to convince his father to go to a monument known as Superhenge; Jack pursues his dream of getting his father knighted."
Season 2 - Ozzy & Jack's World Detour
"Ozzy and Jack are hitting the road, traveling the states from Florida to Alaska and everything in between. And they're doing it, per Ozzy's request, in a vintage 1973 GMC camper--the same RV Ozzy toured in with Black Sabbath when his career in America was just beginning. At their Key West starting point, Ozzy and Jack do some deep sea fishing, pay a visit to Robert the Haunted Doll (where they pick up a souvenir mascot to ride up front in their GMC), hunt for pythons in the Everglades, and drive by Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's Winter White House."
"Ozzy and Jack go to a NASCAR race, but the RV breaks down, so a racing expert from Georgia comes to theuir rescue, gives them a place to stay for the night and teaches them about dirt track driving. Later: Ozzy and Jack visit an Elvis museum; drive tanks; and visit a guitar diddley bow artisan before heading to Texas for the NASCAR race."
"Ozzy and Jack are at odds over the broken RV and let out their frustrations via a recreational way. Later: Ozzy meets with a Texas-based Black Sabbath cover band; the guys play a bizarre game of bingo; and about the forensics behind solving murders."
"Jack reveals their new ride, which is a Mercedes RV, and the guys head to Kentucky. Later: they spend a day at a jumper breeding ranch; visit the the medical oddities museum at Transylvania University; and walk through a life-size replica of Noah's Ark."
"Jack and Ozzy take a trip down to Cajun country, where Jack's in-laws live in Louisiana. In New Orleans, they take a trip down memory lane with an old family friend from Ozzy's early touring days. Never ones to shy away from the eerie, Jack and Ozzy pay a visit to a French Quarter landmark and one of the most haunted houses in America. And finally, the boys partake in a classic bayou tradition--a good ol' family crawfish boil!"
"Ozzy and Jack head to Arizona for a family camping trip with one of the littlest Osbournes, Jack's daughter Pearl. It's nothing, but stargazing and campfires for the Prince of Darkness and his granddaughter. Jack's plans to take the family to the Grand Canyon go awry when neither Ozzy nor Pearl want to go. In Sedona, Ozzy seeks an unconventional, new age method of treating his neck. The men say goodbye to Pearl and make their way to Sin City to visit Ozzy's old friend and legendary rock star Billy Idol."
"Ozzy and Jack are headed to Mars! Or at least the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. As the men traverse one of the most beautiful states in America, they must also endure the long drive to San Rafael Swell, where the research station is located. Along the way, the duo visit Jack\u2019s survival expert friend in hopes of learning skills for any sticky situation. They also take time out from the road to spend the night in a native American teepee\u2026 complete with flat-screen TVs. When they finally make it to the research station, will Ozzy and Jack survive life on Mars?"
"Hitting the Pacific Northwest, Jack and Ozzy learn about competitive lumberjacks. Then Jack finds himself bed-ridden with the flu. So Ozzy steps up and visits a coffee roaster himself and gets super caffeinated. After Jack recovers, they visit an oyster farm and then visit a medium who has agreed to tell them if Robert the doll is evil."
Season 3 - Ozzy & Jack's World Detour
"Ozzy is planning his final world tour, but is hounded to do press, promos and photos which he hates. He tries to persuade Jack to hit the road but Jack has one problem\u2013his new baby is due to be born and he can't leave LA. Ozzy and Jack conspire to convince his sister, Kelly to take the wheel if Jack has to stay behind."
"With Jack stuck in L.A. waiting for his baby to be born, Kelly and Ozzy head for Arizona. They tour the impressive Biosphere, followed by a night of beauty masks."
"Ozzy and Kelly are awoken by a call from Jack that his new baby is going to be born; after returning to Los Angeles, the Osbournes manage to welcome a new family member, squeeze in a quick camping trip to Joshua Tree, and even have dental surgery."
"Jack travels once again with Ozzy and his sister, Kelly, now that his baby has been born. They explore the state of New Mexico, sampling chili milkshakes, chainsaw sculpting, and learning to make pistachios. Kelly hates dealing with all the guy humor that Ozzy and Jack deal out, but figures out a way to make a profit from it."
"In Missouri, Kelly takes the guys to eat some fresh ice cream, while Jack arranges a trip to an \"explosion school\"; Jack and Kelly plan some touching surprises for Ozzy; old nemesis \"Robert the Doll\" returns and threatens to derail the trip."
"For the first time in the show\u2019s history, Kelly heads the trip. They go to Nashville, Tennessee. Jack and Ozzy are backseat to some very \u201cKelly\u201d activities, including a drag queen brunch; visiting Manuel, Nashville\u2019s iconic fashion designer; and restyling Ozzy\u2019s Madame Tussauds\u2019 wax figure. Not entirely excluding her father and brother\u2019s interest, they visit a chocolate and record pressing factory. Kelly plans a musical surprise for Ozzy and makes a trip to the largest ashram in the country."
"With Pearl in tow, Ozzy and Jack head to Alabama, where Jack\u2019s childhood dream will be fulfilled at Huntsville\u2019s Space Camp. However, before they can launch into space, Ozzy has a surprise up his sleeve for Jack."
"In Florida, Jack and Kelly meet with a chocolate sculptor who makes a bust of Ozzy and visit the famed Fountain of Youth to retrieve some magical water; a psychic attempts to remove any bad luck before Ozzy takes the stage at a music festival."