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Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold follows four gold mining crews who have only four short months in Canada's wild Yukon to earn one BIG payday. With the price of gold hovering at record-breaking levels, a modern ...

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Yukon Gold
"Ken suffers from mechanical difficulties. Bernie struggles with a rookie crew and Big Al has a great start."
"On Sulphur Creek, young crew boss Karl has no sluice machine, and no sluice means no gold. Karl's father Marty, a highly respected self-made miner, builds a new one from scratch. While Karl waits, he struggles to keep his crew on task \u2013 and live up to his father's high expectations. Big Al tests new strategies \u2013 and new equipment \u2013 on a fresh claim. If only he could keep his machines running."
"Karl must deal with mistakes his crew make and design flaws on the massive sluice his dad Marty built. Bernie packs it in at McDame and moves his operation, hoping his fortune is about to change."
"With the weeks passing quickly, Ken and Guillaume's dreams of striking it big are starting to fade as they face continual equipment breakdowns and a crew member who goes AWOL. Bernie's decision to move to Snow Creek seems to be paying off, if only he can get his sons to step up and meet his expectations. Al McGregor's pay streak is threatened when he breaks a hitch trying to move his sluice."
"While Guillaume Brodeur deals with moving their giant sluice, The Beast, Ken Foy must contend with a bigger challenge \u2013 a visit from his wife. Karl Knutson is shocked to learn just how quickly the season is passing, and with one water issue after another, his opportunity for a big payday is dwindling just as fast. A faulty clutch on Al McGregor\u2019s sluice results in a shutdown; it\u2019s a race to get it fixed and get back to work, even if it means working around the clock."
"Ken and Guillaume try to reverse their bad luck by moving across Moose Creek. Bernie has to deal with mistakes made by his junior crew. And Karl\u2019s night crew is starting to slow him down."
"The Yukon miners race with the cold weather to get their last bit of pay dirt out of the ground."
Season 2 - Yukon Gold
"Karl hopes to score 100 ounces of gold in one week. Ken weighs the cost of an eager but careless hand who keeps breaking equipment. Big Al has to replace big iron without a big payday."
"Ken sinks big money to dig out a narrow cut. New miner Cam\u2019s big payday is threatened by fire. Karl\u2019s experienced but unreliable operator forces his hand."
"Ken loses a machine when he can\u2019t afford to pay his debts and his crew. Big Al smells gold in the ground, but gets shut down by equipment breakdowns. Dennis has to scrape $10,000 out of hostile ground to replace a part or face permanent shutdown."
"Ken fights a double mutiny when his plant and a crew-member go rogue. Cam\u2019s veteran welder is struck down and airlifted to hospital. Karl\u2019s crew encounters a bear."
"Ken\u2019s wife visits to discover he\u2019s on the verge of going broke. Big Al\u2019s excavator takes a nosedive. Karl\u2019s season is threatened by permafrost."
"Dennis\u2019 hunt for gold proves unsuccessful. Ken breaks a machine in his haste to sluice. Karl\u2019s cut floods, putting his season in jeopardy."
"Ken takes a roll in his bulldozer. Beavers threaten to shut down Big Al. Karl\u2019s loader springs a leak."
"Crews are racing to rip through ground as winter descends. Ken and right-hand man Guillaume fight to keep the Beast sluicing through subzero temperatures only to discover the dirt they\u2019ve banked on has run dry. Cam\u2019s plans to mine an ancient waterfall go sideways when the treacherous ground threatens to bench his iron for good. Karl and right-hand man Kyle\u2019s mechanical skills are put to the test when the season takes its toll on Sulphur Creek\u2019s operation."
"The short Yukon gold mining season is almost over, and crews are battling the elements in a mad push for gold. Ken is forced to call in reinforcements when winter hits Moose Creek hard. Cam hits an impenetrable ice wall that freezes him out of his cut and moves to risky new ground only to have crucial iron go down. Big Al\u2019s plans to rip through promising dirt are sidelined when his only stripping dozer suffers a catastrophic breakdown that puts right-hand man Hiro\u2019s mechanical skills to the ultimate test."
"The miners battle nature\u2019s wrath in an epic final push for gold. Ken\u2019s bid to pull 100 ounces out of hot ground goes sideways when the mine runs out of fuel, forcing him to shut down sluicing and fight his way up Moose Creek\u2019s treacherous road in a desperate bid to get to a fuel station at the top. Karl\u2019s race to mine Sulphur Creek out so he can stake his own claim is benched when one of his crew deals his prize sluice plant a near fatal blow. Big Al follows his gut to high-stakes ground only to be shut out when his only stripping dozer goes down for the count."
Season 3 - Yukon Gold
"Ken and Guillaume journey over a treacherous mountain pass. Cam stresses over getting Oklahoma welder Gary into the country. Mining couple Nika and Chris have a rough start to their season."
"Cam gambles on an expensive new water cannon. A broken part on his sluice plant slows Karl's progress. Ken and Guillaume's first gold test is a dud."
"Cam and his crew rush to start sluicing Donovan cut. Karl comes up with a clever way to motivate his crew. Chris and Nika's operation is halted by a sluice plant breakdown."
"Chris and Nika butt heads while moving to a new cut. Cam struggles with machine failures and contaminated fuel. Ken and Guillaume find traces of gold."
"Frozen ground threatens Cam's season. Ken and Guillaume abandon Arizona Creek. Karl gambles with broken equipment."
"Chris and Nika face financial hardship. Cam's son-in-law is determined to find gold. Ken and Guillaume find a prime location to salvage their season."
"Karl hopes to make a profit at Last Chance. Chris and Nika move to Stowe Creek. Cam and his wife melt the gold they've collected and find they're way below their target."
"Chris and Nika's mine hand Charles gets injured, leaving them short-handed. Cam gives Donovan Cut one final try to save his season. Ken and Guillaume up their recovery system in hopes of catching finer gold."
"Ken and Guillaume face a dangerous situation. Karl finally hits a pay streak. Cam tries to finish his season on a positive note."
"Nika and Chris push through the final week of the season. Low temperatures freeze Karl's sluicing plant. Ken and Guillaume get a huge surprise."
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Season 4 - Yukon Gold
"Now in a wheelchair, Big Al returns to gold mining; Bernie clashes with his son; Karl finds gold right away; Chris reunites with his partner and their kids."
"Karl uses old maps to find new gold at Last Chance and Nika & Chris get their first gold of the season, but Bernie struggles to get started, and red tape stops work on Ken & Guillaume\u2019s new site in Atlin, BC."
"Nika & Chris fight breakdowns & water problems; Ken\u2019s pregnant wife Kina pressures him to be home for their child\u2019s birth; Karl hunts for a new gold hot spot while Bernie\u2019s perfectionism backfires as son Jarret goes AWOL."
"Big Al\u2019s gamble on a new pit pays off; Bernie almost loses another crew member after he argues with son Justin; Ken & Guillaume race to sluice before Ken leaves for the birth of his 1st child. And Karl\u2019s team tries to sluice 200 oz. of gold in a week."
Season 5 - Yukon Gold
"Hiro's Curse returns for Big Al; unstable ground shuts down Chris and Nika."
"Chris risks his season on a new cut; Andy tries to manage the mine alone while Ed and Riley go hunting."
"Desperate, Big Al pushes Hiro to his limit; Chris looks to salvage his season; P.J. and Andy's camp experiences a mini-revolt."
"PJ and Andy\u2019s main investor issues an ultimatum; Chris uncovers a clue that could lead to a huge payout; and Ed and Riley\u2019s season could end early."
"Al faces breakdowns that that threaten his profit; desperate, P.J. and Andy start a night shift; Ed and Riley make a final effort to prove themselves."